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Shame as a Wild Woman

I remember being in middle school, never even had sex, and being called a "slut."

The haunting memories of kids in my school calling me names relating to promiscuity all because I had developed big boobs at a young age. The girls hated me for it and the guys wanted to play with them.

I couldn't help my body, the size of anything or how wild I still was. My hair was messy, I wore what I wanted to and I spoke loudly. I ran wild and freely with joy, expressing myself when I wanted. I was young, my light had not yet been dimmed by society.

I didn't hide at first. But as the days went on being bullied for my body and literally told I should die often. I started to believe them. I began to let my head hang low, quiet my mouth and cover up my body. I was afraid of people making fun of me for "sticking my chest out" so I shrugged my shoulders in attempt to make my chest look smaller. I wore big sweatshirts and boy clothes. I became small. I hid the wild girl I had inside of me. She got scared. She got sick and tired of the shame thrown on her.

This is the story of many women. To this day even though we are feeling the feminine rise and women have gotten more rights than ever before. We are still limited, judged and learning how to find our voice again. Women are still put down for their looks, what they wear or don't wear, their hair and make-up, their choices and opinions. Shame is deeply rooted in the feminine since before The Witch Trials, where women were burned for speaking up, for "seducing" men and having power outside of traditional medicine. Women have never been allowed to be sexual or show their beauty without it being portrayed as an attempt to get men's attention. Patriarchal society has taken the power from women, taken their sense of self, their sensuality, nurturing essence and turned it into evil. This deep-rooted shame is felt in our cells and body daily.

An embodied woman, fully in her truth and raw essence is POWERFUL! Society fears people who have found the power within themselves because of the change they can make. The truth they speak scares people who are not ready to grow. As we all individually heal our core wounds, speak our truth and show up, we inspire others to do the same. We create space and safety for each other to know ,it is OK to embrace our wild woman within!

We need each other. We need each one of us to step up to the plate. To show up with messy hair, sexy clothes or dirty clothes, whatever it is you want to show up in. Speak up against what is wrong, what doesn't feel right, what does feel right, what's important to you. Just do it, for me, for you. For the daughters and granddaughters of this planet. For the sisterhood!

I see you Wild Woman. I FEEL you. I honor you. You are safe to show up now. You are worthy of a voice and an opinion. I salute you for showing up in your authentic self. I am You and You are me.


If this message has spoken deeply to you please reach out. Let's connect and see how our paths can cross. I'd love to have a discovery call with you to see how I can assist the Wild Woman within you to feel empowered and be unleashed!

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