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Invest in You

- Unleash & Understand the Wild Woman Within -

I get it, after everything life throws at us, there’s this lostness, this confusion. So many ups and downs where we don’t feel enough or deserving of love or joy. Life keeps happening with daily struggles, unprocessed trauma, leaving you feeling like there's a part of you that changed forever. This can make you think you are unworthy, undeserving and stuck in the same repeating cycles. Let’s change that because you and I both know that, deep down, that is not the truth. You deserve a more fulfilling abundant life!

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If you feel stuck and unsure what to do, let me be your guide. If you are feeling anxious and disconnected, let’s address that together. All we ultimately want is connection to self and others, including friendships and that doesn’t mean not having boundaries or pleasing everyone else. I offer true support and guidance through this stage



3 Feminine Embodiment

Coaching Sessions

1-2-1 spiritual guidance leading women back home to their body, intuition and self-love

1 Hour


Single Wildfire Soul


An in person emotional, energetic and mental clearing to release & process core wounds.

1 Hour

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The Unshackled Woman Initiation

A 3 Day mini course to resurrect the wild woman ready to claim her desires &  build inner trust.

3+ Days


Why Me?

1. I do the work
2. Vulnerability is my superpower
3. I empower and uplift 


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The second Sunday of every month I host in-person Women's circles in Crystal, Minnesota at Collective Dimensions.
I also do ceremonies and other offerings online and in-person!
Check out events below or check my Facebook for more too!

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"Chelsey is a natural healer. She is like a burst of life contained in a body. She has helped me to find my own voice, cut ties that don’t help me, and become my loving, true self. The exercises she uses help you to come to epiphanies about how to break the cycle of negative thoughts, replacing them with self love and forgiveness. I have found that I am more present, happy, and alive since having personal life coaching sessions with Chelsey. I hope you can feel yourself more once you start working with Chelsey"


St. Paul, Minnesota

" I thought I could never meet someone so passionate and caring as myself but you proved me wrong. I would recommend you to children and adults alike! You are a rare person that anyone should be happy to come into contact with you and they will forever be grateful!

You truly are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing"


Cool Rapids, Minnesota

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