"Chelsey is a natural healer. She is like a burst of life contained in a body. She has helped me to find my own voice, cut ties that don’t help me, and become my loving, true self. The exercises she uses help you to come to epiphanies about how to break the cycle of negative thoughts, replacing them with self love and forgiveness. I have found that I am more present, happy, and alive since having personal life coaching sessions with Chelsey. I hope you can feel yourself more once you start working with Chelsey"


St. Paul, Minnesota

" I thought I could never meet someone so passionate and caring as myself but you proved me wrong. I would recommend you to children and adults alike! You are a rare person that anyone should be happy to come into contact with you and they will forever be grateful!

You truly are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing"


Coon Rapids, Minnesota 

Hey Beautidul do you know about ....

Wild Fire VIP Mentorship Package 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to work one on one with Chelsey Wildfire!!! This 6 month program is only for those ready for the deep dive! 
Are you ready to move past fear and limitations, release old ideas of yourself and become the brightest and boldest version of you!!!

Schedule your free call now to learn about the program and see if you are a good fit! We will feel into where you are at and what you need most! 


  • 1:1 mentorship or group programs available at specific times.

    1 hr

    Price Varies
  • Deep emotional, energetic, mental clearing

    1 hr

    125 +
  • Feel into limitations and areas for growth

    30 min