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Sacred Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremonies are always my favorite, connecting to my fierce fiery nature and going into the depths of our soul. We often begin at a young age to stuff our feelings deep down, to wipe away the tears and move forward without looking back. Well it's time to look back, you can not heal it unless you feel it. Truly feel the things that have hurt you and let them go. Thankfully we have the sacred fire to help us transform this darkness into light. I have been apart of fire ceremonies before but leading it brought me to another level. At my first retreat I began smudging the women into the circle in silence, allowing them space to settle. Only I knew what was coming next but they came in open

hearted and eager.

As we went around and read out loud the deep, deep pain of the past, the childhood traumas, secrets we never told anyone and names of those we want to release, the tears began to flow. Each woman opened up their heart and soul, spoke the words they never wanted to speak out loud and gave into the support of the sisterhood. At times it was hard for me to hold back my tears, holding space for 15+ women can be very difficult. But to see the release of pure, raw emotion after speaking their truth was inspiring. Then we sat around the fire, singing songs of the wild, howling at the moon and expressing our inner primal voices. Which naturally led to song and dance around the fire where I was blessed to watch these women let their guard down. They sang and pranced around with so much joy and freedom. They had no worry in the world, no judgement, no insecurities and no fear. That is the feeling I want every woman to have.

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