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A Reason For the Seasons

Living in Minnesota where our longest season is winter... the only way to survive is through acceptance and tall boots!!!

I use to hate winter, seasonal depression hit hard, I needed vacations to keep sane and I dreaded going outside. I think that is the case for most Mid-westerners! However by acknowledging this tough time, taking steps to prepare and get through it, I've learned to embrace it. I also had to take a look at why I hated it so much and how I can change my mindset with it.

I came to realize winter is hard because we are stuck with ourselves, alone in the cold dark with little connection to nature and our body. It's scary to be forced to sit with your darkness, your thoughts and rapid emotions with little distractions. In the summer we have activities and a million social gatherings to entertain and distract us. We are constantly running around, exploring, laying on beaches, going swimming and easily find ourselves overly busy. But there is so much "light and love", celebration and ways to get your body movin. Not to mention the warm sun-rays, grass beneath your feet and fresh air blowing through the trees.

But without these things, how do we find peace and joy? Who are we when no one is around and the sun isn't shining? What comes up when you truly sit with yourself? How does your body feel when it slows down and doesn't get exercise?

If we haven't addressed our shadow side or truly dug in deep to our inner pain, then this stillness is scary and unbearable. The darkness takes over and we find ourselves in a deep hole of sadness, confusion and exhaustion. But we NEED this time, we need the space and time to slow down and listen to our body. Allow it to rest and prepare for the next summer. Could you imagine being in the summer vibe all year long? Constantly on the go, socializing day after day and over-doing everything? That would lead right to burnout!

Winter is our space to lean in, slow down, take care of ourselves and rest. This is our true test of how sturdy our foundation is, mentally and emotionally. It tests our spirituality and faith,can we remain grounded and peaceful through the tough times? Or do we give in, find excuses and give up on ourselves? Winter is not the time to binge Netflix, isolate and eat all the comfort food. The stillness is check-in if we are still taking care of ourselves. Being on our healing journey is continuous and work always has to be done. Winter is that reminder.

This was the first year I was excited for Winter! I cannot believe I'm saying this but I needed the time to slow down, ground in and enjoy my sacred space at home. I also had to build that space up so I can feel grounded and safe. I have plants everywhere to keep nature present in my life. I had to dig into self-care and my hobbies to keep me fulfilled. I began dancing more in my living room, going to the gym regularly again, having a morning routine and discipline within myself. I had plenty of days I felt crabby and sad, I sat with it. I listened to what my body needed, gave it lots of rest and got back to my spiritual practices. I had to face some of my shadow side, how I treat myself and others. I've taken a lot of time to accept myself as a whole woman, with light and dark aspect, and now I feel amazing.

When I realized this change and how much I needed winter I was able to embrace it.

When we change our mindset, our feelings and experiences improve.

If you've read this far, I am sure you understand I hope this inspires you to take some time with yourself. journal, dance, cry, do whatever your body is asking of you.

If you would like extra guidance or assistance please reach out! A gentle energy healing can help with feelings of relaxation and grounding, my coaching sessions help guide you into your body and a friend to just listen is always helpful.

I am here. I care. I know winter is hard. With darkness comes learning and healing.

We can all get through this together.


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