Wildfire Healing

Shift from feeling stuck, unworthy and dull into a thriving life full of pleasure and vibrancy. Learn to understand all layers of yourself, embody self love and express your FIRE. It's time to be your most brightest and boldest self !!

Are you ready to dive in deep?

Have you felt drained and unmotivated? Felt the need for something more?

If you are ready to connect to your true self and live a life of empowerment and bliss,

You have found the right place.

This is an open, safe, community for all ages, genders, races and beliefs to come together in unity. A sacred space for us to supprt each other, and let go of the blocks holding us back in life.

So many of us have lost our sense of self and happiness through this world we live in. It may have been through societal constructs, trauma, relationships or our upbringing. The loss of our soul has separated us from our own feelings, intuition and each other. Some of us may have lost our own sense of sensuality, connection to our body, our truth and much more .

Chelsey WildFire is the creator here who brings together her knowledge, experience and training to foster safe spaces for others to connect back to themselves. She ignites the strength, potential, and fire we have deep inside us with the untamed, raw nature of the feminine. She guides people to let go of their fears, self-doubt, insecurities and limiting beliefs. Her work is deeply transformative, using intensity and truth to burn away the layers of pain and fear embedded in our body. 

Her work was primarily focused on women however it does apply to anyone interested in connecting to their feminine energy and finding deeper healing. There are tools available to facilitate growth for everyone and she lovingly welcomes all!

Please message with any questions and reach out on Social Media.


Chelsey Wildfire is an Intuitive healer and Soul guide, combining her training and own experiences to support others. She is a Certified Women’s Circle Creatrix, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Yoga Instructor and Reiki  Practitioner. Her world travels and self-exploration has deepened her connection to the divine feminine in many ways along with spirit and her own guides. This wild woman has a sensual power about her that allows others to dig into their own wild side. Chelsey’s fiery personality and honesty is illuminated through her passion to help others find thier worth, step into their own power, connect to their body and evolve. She uses movement, meditation, powerful workshops and ceremony to awaken the primal, natural healing abilities of the body. She incorporates authentic relating, reflection, movement and sacred sound into a lot of her ceremonies. Chelsey loves to be the anchor, holding space, while others blossom open into their power, pleasure and pure bliss within themselves.


"I can not express how much Chelsey has helped me with first her reiki sessions then her coaching. She is someone who you instantly feel comfortable with in a way that you are willing to tell her about your shadow side without fear. She is so open and I have never felt judged or like I had to have a wall up with her. The coaching session I had with her was so profound that it helped me finally leave the relationship I was stuck in. I had the opportunity to be apart of her very first women's red tent at a festival and the love, compassion, and acceptance she gave to every person that came to the tent was seriously beautiful and inspirational. Her women's circles she hosts every month are filled with love and sisterhood between so many amazing women! I would recommend Chelsey to anyone who is trying to grow spiritually, emotionally, and as the woman they are truly meant to be in this lifetime" 


  Minneapolis, MN

"Chelsey has helped me reconnect with my myself in a way I never thought possible. As someone who lived in a world of overthinking and anxiety I have been able to connect and listen to what my body needs. She has given me tools that have made a strong impact in my day to day life. I’ve seen such a difference in my life, in my relationships and my spirituality since I began working with her. She is there celebrating and supporting me every step of the way. Chelsey is a truly magical woman who’s healing methods, direction, and support is priceless"