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Ignite Your Wildfire 

Spiritual, mental and emotional healing that begins within you through feminine embodiment practices, inner child healing, self-love and empowerment. This is where you get to be part of a movement of women coming back home to their body, emotions and truth. 

A resurrection of the Wild Woman claiming her worth and owning her power through self-awareness

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With Chelsey Wildfire

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The Wildfire is Spreading!

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Chelsey Wildfire, a feminine embodiment coach and fearless leader, is inspiring a global movement of women to ignite their inner flame, reclaim their power, love themselves more and break repeating patterns. 

This wildfire of a woman has an genuine yet fierce energy about her that allows others to dig into their own darkness and feel safe in the shadows. Her guidance helps women remember their own inner strength and find their way through the deepest of caves. 


Chelsey’s fiery personality, vulnerability and authenticity is illuminated through her passion to stand up for women to be fiercely feminine and guided by their own body and intuition. She truly is a healer leading women back home to their bodies and inner knowing.


She loves to be the anchor, holding space, while others blossom open into their truest form of self, using pleasure as their superpower and embodying radical self-love. 

To get a better feel for her vibe check out her socials below!

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"I am un-apologetically me and by being this way I give permission to the women around me to do the same" 

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"I cannot express how much Chelsey has helped me with first her reiki sessions then her coaching. She is someone who you instantly feel comfortable with in a way that you are willing to tell her about your shadow side without fear. She is so open, and I have never felt judged or like I had to have a wall up with her. The coaching session I had with her was so profound that it helped me finally leave the relationship I was stuck in. I had the opportunity to be a part of her very first women's red tent at a festival and the love, compassion, and acceptance she gave to every person that came to the tent was seriously beautiful and inspirational. Her women's circles she hosts every month are filled with love and sisterhood between so many amazing women! I would recommend Chelsey to anyone who is trying to grow spiritually, emotionally, and as the woman they are truly meant to be in this lifetime" 


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"If I'm too much for you, chances are you're not enough for me"

Let's be bold, wild women together! 


Feel into my work here...

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Womb Meditation

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